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Old Homes for Young Families

Designing Forever Homes for Young Families in New York

At Danielle Rose Design Co., we specialize in transforming classic homes into perfect havens for young families. Our passion lies in full-home renovations, breathing new life into timeless Tudors, charming Colonials, and other classic architecture styles.

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Why We Love Full-Home Renovations

Creating Forever Homes: We believe every young family deserves a home that grows with them. Our goal is to transform outdated properties into forever homes, blending classic elegance with modern functionality.

  • Preserving Character: Old homes have unique charm and character. Our renovations honor these historic details while incorporating contemporary design elements to suit modern lifestyles.

  • Tailored Designs: Each family is unique, and so are our designs. We customize every project to reflect the personality and needs of the homeowners, ensuring their new space is both beautiful and practical.

  • Fostering Community: Renovating classic homes in established neighborhoods helps preserve the community's heritage and enhances the area's overall appeal.

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Our Process

  • Consultation: We start by understanding your vision, needs, and budget.

  • Design: Our team crafts a detailed plan that balances classic charm with modern amenities.

  • Renovation: Skilled craftsmen bring the design to life, ensuring every detail is perfect.

  • Completion: We deliver a home that exceeds expectations, ready for your family to create lasting memories.

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Why Work With Us

At Danielle Rose Design Co., our expertise in transforming classic homes into forever homes for young families sets us apart. We combine a deep appreciation for architectural history with innovative design solutions, ensuring each project is both timeless and tailored to modern needs. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and personalized approach guarantee a seamless renovation experience. From initial consultation to final reveal, we work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life, making us the go-to interior design firm for full-home renovations in Long Island and beyond.

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Featured Projects

  • Modern Bohemian Tudor: From dark and dated to light and welcoming, this Tudor home now features a light and bright feel, funky bathrooms, and cozy family spaces.

  • Harvard Avenue: We preserved the Colonial’s historical integrity while adding modern comforts, creating a seamless blend of old and new.

  • Raymond Street: First floor renovation of a turn of the century colonial.

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Ready to transform your classic home into your forever home? Learn more about our design services or connect with us to schedule a 20-minute call. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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