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English Tudor Dining Room

Rockville Centre, NY
Before & After

Dining Room

Our dining room is the heart of our home in many ways…

On a more practical note, It is quite literally the center point of our Tudor home. This is the first room you see as you walk through our front door and all rooms on our lower level filter through this room.

Our Dining room is also where my husband and I eat every meal and where we host all family gatherings (pre COVID-19). With all of that in mind, we knew we wanted to make this room a showstopper!

Design Plan

We set out to create a globally-inspired, eclectic dining room that would serve as a home base for our family, and a perfect place to gather for holidays and special occasions. We wanted to design a room that was warm, welcoming, comfortable and functional. We also wanted a room that we could fill with unique treasures that we sourced, or inherited along the way.

As I mentioned previously, the dining room can be seen from the front door and is directly off of the living room, through a beautiful Tudor archway. I knew I wanted to highlight this archway by filling the room with a bold color on the walls. I also knew that I wanted the two rooms to harmonize with one another.

To achieve this, I used the same color story to balance both rooms together. I used turquoise, navy, raspberry and mixed them with carmel leathers and natural wood tones.

We decided to paint the room a bold turquoise color in a matte finish, and it really brought the "wow" factor to this room! This color, Sherwin Williams- Bosporus, is so deep and rich it looks like velvet! It is truly the jewel-box room of my dreams!

The mix of color, print and metals also help the overall eclectic, jewel-box vibe of the room. The raspberry-colored patterned rug and the indigo print from the upholstered chairs mix beautifully with the warm tone metals used throughout the space. I really love how the brass elements pop off the bold blue walls.


The furniture in this room is a mix of inherited pieces, which I will get into a little later, and pieces that we purchased specifically for this room. Most notably, the beautiful walnut wood, Mid-Century inspired extension table. This table expands to 110" and was exactly what I was dreaming of when hosting large get-togethers.

Another Item purchased for this room are the leather strap side chairs - I absolutely love the texture these chairs bring to the room— and they are SO comfy! They were the perfect compliment to the inky-henna-inspired host chairs that I inherited from my parents.

Inherited Design

As you know by now, I love incorporating special pieces that I inherited from my parents throughout my home.

This little bar cart is no different! This is another piece I inherited from my momma—this beauty was in my childhood home for as long as I can remember. It was painted white and was always filled with flower arrangements and little tea sets.

When we took ownership of this piece, the first order of business was to give this vintage tea cart a new paint job— it was instantly transformed into a modern minibar destined for our dining room!

I think it is extremely important to include pieces that are sentimental in your home design. These are the special touches that make your home uniquely you! They also bring lots of joy whenever you walk by them!

Overall, I am so thrilled with the final result and plan to host many a party in this dining room as soon as it is safe to do so!

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